Tuesday, May 31, 2022

How does your brain respond to pain? - Karen D. Davis

Ouch! Everyone experiences pain -- but why do some people react to the same painful stimulus in different ways? And what exactly is pain, anyway? Karen D. Davis walks you through your brain on pain, illuminating why the "pain experience" differs from person to person. 

Lesson by Karen D. Davis, animation by Brett Underhill.

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

This is Us

To treat others as a member of our own families, with courtesy, respect and the highest degree of professionalism.

Mission Statement
To provide quality, affordable Chiropractic care that is patient centered, family oriented and flexible in today's active lifestyle.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Other Tips : Low Back Pain, Tips on Pain Relief and Prevention

What can cause low back injuries?

Many things can cause low back injuries-muscle strain or spasm, sprains of ligaments (which attach bone to bone), joint problems or a "slipped disk." The most common cause is using your back muscles in activities you're not used to, like lifting heavy furniture or doing yard work.

A slipped disk happens when the disk between the bones bulges and presses on nerves. This is often caused by twisting while lifting. But many people won't know what caused their slipped disk.

What can I do for relief when I've hurt my lower back?

The best position for relief when your back hurts is to lie on your back on the floor with pillows under your knees, with your hips and knees bent and your feet on a chair, or just with your hips and knees bent. This takes the pressure and weight off your back.

If you're resting a hurt back, you may need 1 to 2 days of this sort of rest. Resting longer than this can cause your muscles to weaken, which can slow your recovery. Even if it hurts, walk around for a few minutes every hour.

What else can I do for relief?

Heating pads can help to relax painful muscle spasms. Use heat for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Ice packs and massages may also give relief.

Nonprescription medicines that reduce pain or swelling include aspirin, acetaminophen (brand name: Tylenol), naproxen (brand name: Aleve), ketoprofen (brand name: Orudis), and ibuprofen (brand name: Motrin).

Call your family doctor if:

  • Pain goes down your leg below your knee.
  • Your leg, foot, groin or rectal area feels numb.
  • You have fever, nausea or vomiting, stomachache, weakness or sweating.
  • You lose control over going to the bathroom.
  • Your pain was caused by an injury.
  • Your pain is so intense you can't move around.
  • Your pain doesn't seem to be getting better after 2 to 3 weeks.
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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Could your brain repair itself? - Ralitsa Petrova

Imagine the brain could reboot, updating its damaged cells with new, improved units. That may sound like science fiction — but it’s a potential reality scientists are investigating right now. Ralitsa Petrova details the science behind neurogenesis and explains how we might harness it to reverse diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Lesson by Ralitsa Petrova, animation by Artrake Studio.

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Dr. Bejan Pazdel

Dr. Bejan Pazdel talks about how he became a Chiropractor. He, like many people who have never experienced a chiropractor had images of back and neck cracking, and other wild and potentially harmful things. And, like most people, once he tried it and saw the results, he was so excited about how that happened that he decided that was what he wanted to do.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Other Tips : Lumbago, Mild to Severe Low Back Pain

Lumbago is a seldom-used term to mean mild to severe low back pain. The pain can be acute or chronic and affects young and old people. Years ago doctors associated lumbago with rheumatism seemingly brought on by exposure to cold damp surroundings. Poor posture, sudden movement, coughing and sneezing were also thought to inspire episodes of lumbago. Not to discredit the reputations of yesterday's doctors, but medicine has since greatly advanced and the term lumbago has been replaced with accurate diagnostic terms.

There are many things that cause low back pain or lumbago. Listed below are some of the more common conditions, or diagnostic terms:

  • Herniated Disc (sometimes called a slipped disc)
  • Osteoarthritis or Spondylosis (spinal arthritis)
  • Osteoporosis (brittle bone disease, spinal fracture)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (progressive, sometimes destructive arthritis)
  • Scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine to the left or right)
  • Spinal Stenosis (compression of the spinal nerves)
  • Spinal Tumor (benign or malignant/cancer)

Article reprinted from Spine Universe

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk | WSJ

Our desks weren't made for us. They were made for everyone. So ergonomics expert Jon Cinkay from the Hospital for Special Surgery is here to show you how to make your desk and office chair adapt to you and not the other way around. Photo: Adam Falk/The Wall Street Journal

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Pazdel Chiropractic is a Preferred Partners Provider. The partial list of companies here are representative of the various insurance plans we accept. Please contact us for specific information about your health coverage.

Pazdel Chiropractic also accepts Visa and Mastercard and accept liens in personal injury cases.

"We take care of the details and get you on the road to recovery."

At Pazdel Chiropractic, we handle all the paperwork for you.

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Other Tips : 5 Tips for a Spine-Friendly Work Space

Work might be a pain, but it doesn't have to cause pain. Here are 5 things you should know about how to make sure your office is good for your spine:

#1 - Desk
Make sure your work space is:
  • Stable (not wobbly).
  • At a good height (28"-30" above the floor is suitable for most adults).
  • Large enough for your computer and has surface space for writing and other tasks.
  • Not so large that you have to overreach to do your work. This can cause excessive strain on the spine.
#2 - Chair
Use a well-constructed ergonomic chair to help reduce fatigue and discomfort, increase your blood flow, and reduce the risk of injury to your neck and spine. These usually cannot be ordered by mail or off the Internet. This is one product that should be tried in the store so you know how it feels before buying it. Make sure your office chair:
  • Has a good backrest that provides lumbar support.
  • Can recline (sitting upright at a 90º angle is actually not good for your spine, 100º-110º is better).
  • Is not too high (your feet should be flat on the floor).
  • Can rotate or swivel so that you can easily switch from task to task.
Extra Setup Tip!
Sit in the chair facing forward with perfect posture. While seated in that perfect position, construct the work environment around that position. In other words, all other pieces of furniture and equipment must be positioned to accommodate that perfect position. It might require stacking several books under the computer screen to bring it even to head level. The screen must be at eye level and the user should sit directly in front of the screen. A sliding keyboard attachment under the desk might be beneficial.

#3 - Computer
Since much of office work is done on computers, where your equipment is placed can make a difference in how your back feels when you are at work. Try the following:
  • Tilt the keyboard down and slightly away from you for better wrist posture.
  • Make sure your mouse is close enough so that you can use it with your arms relaxed and as close to your body as possible.
  • Place the monitor directly in front of you at eye level, not off to one side, to avoid neck and eye strain.
  • If using a laptop, consider getting an external monitor or keyboard (or both). This will allow you to move each of these components separately to create a comfortable arrangement.
#4 - Practice Safe Sitting
Even with the "best" equipment, if you are not sitting correctly, your spine will suffer. When sitting, note where your head, hands, and legs are. To avoid back pain, make sure to:
  • Sit upright with your back and shoulders against the back of the chair.
  • Avoid holding your phone between your head and shoulder.
  • Don't slouch.
  • Arms should rest lightly on the armrests to avoid circulatory problems or nerve pressure.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor (don't cross your legs!).
  • Relax your shoulders while keyboarding.
Extra Setup Tip!
Spend a lot of time on the telephone? Then consider using a hands-free headset to prevent neck and shoulder pain.

#5 - Take a Break
Not just a coffee break, but a spine break. Stretch, take a short walk, get the blood flowing. When you are at your desk, avoid staying in one position for a long time. Try switching between sitting and standing.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to leave your office feeling as refreshed as when you came in? Avoiding excessive strain on your spine can help you do just that.

Article reprinted from Spine Universe

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Taking the Pain Out of Your Step: Orthotics

Dr. Pazdel explains and demonstrates the need for and fitting for orthotics to allow those with foot issues such as plantar fasciitis to be able to walk without pain. At Pazdel Chiropractic each client is custom fitted with exactly what is needed to help them best and then shoe inserts are custom made for that patient and for different types of shoes, such as tennis shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, and even sandals.

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Our Privacy Practices



Medical information including health history, is collected from the patient upon initiation and subsequent visits, and is then stored in the patient's medical file.

Medical information will be used in the assessment of the patient's condition and the need for health care or referral purposes.

Some of the medical information will be transferred to a computer program for the purposes of retrieval, storage, billing and payment purposes.

Medical information will be disclosed to health and disability insurers for the purpose of payment or reimbursement of services.

The medical information contained in the medical record will be stored by Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc. for a period of no less the six (6) years.

To whom health care information will be disclosed:

  • Other health care providers for the purpose of referral, consultation or coordination of health care
  • Health care insurers
  • Disability insurers
  • Business Associates
  • Persons responsible for health care, such as a parent or nurse
  • Billing organizations
  • Collection agencies
  • Law enforcement officials or agencies
  • Correctional institution
  • Public Health authorities
  • Family members
  • Workers' compensation insurers or state agency, if applicable.

For what purposes health care information will be used and disclosed, such as:

  • For the purpose of diagnosis, assessment, referral, and/or treatment,
  • For the purpose of payment by a third party, such as a health insurer,
  • For the purpose of day to day health care operations,
  • We may disclose your health information to the appropriate authorities if we reasonably believe that you are a possible victim of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence or the possible victim of other crimes. We may disclose your health information to the extent necessary to avert a serious threat to your health or safety or the health or safety of others.
  • Appointment reminder notices or messages.

Examples of the likely uses and disclosures of health information routinely performed by Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc.:

  • As a courtesy to our patients it is our policy to call your home when you are late for, or miss an appointment. If you are not at home we will leave a reminder message on your answering machine or with the person answering the telephone. No personal information is disclosed in our message nor will be disclosed to any other person during this call.
  • As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit an itemized billing statement to your insurance carrier for the purpose of payment to Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc. for health care services rendered. If you pay for your health care services personally, we will, as a courtesy, provide an itemized billing to your insurance carrier for the purpose of reimbursement to you. The billing statement contains medical information, including diagnosis, date of injury or condition, and codes which describe the health care services received.

The patient's rights:

  • The right to inspect and copy his/her protected health information,
  • The patient's right to place restrictions on certain uses and disclosures of his/her health information,
  • A notice that Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc. is not required to agree to the requested restriction of protected health information,
  • The right to amend his/her protected health information,
  • The right to receive confidential communication of protected health information by an alternative method other than the stated means of communication,
  • The right to a copy of patient's Notice of Privacy Practices at any time,
  • The right to an accounting of all uses and disclosures of his/her protected health information.

A statement that third party uses and disclosures other than for the purposes of treatment, payment of health care operations, will be made only with the patient's written authorization, and the patient may revoke such authorization as provided by law. A statement of promise that Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc. will make every effort possible to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all health information of its patients against inappropriate or unauthorized use and disclosure, as required by law.

A statement explaining Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc.'s procedure to inform the patient on future changes and revisions to the Notice of Privacy Practices, within 60 days of a material revision to notice requirements.

The patient's right as well as the process of filing a complaint against Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc. for the inappropriate or illegal way in which they handled the patient's health information.

Pazdel Chiropractic, Inc. may not use or disclose protected health information of its patients in a manner inconsistent with the Notice of Privacy Practices.

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