Sunday, May 29, 2016

Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic Care

Dr. Bejan Pazdel explains how many may benefit from chiropractic care for carpal tunnel symptoms.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Modern Chiropractors and Typical Misconceptions About Chiropractic Care

A lot of people continue to be frightened of trying alternative treatments, especially chiropractic care, due to myths and misconceptions. Here are a few basic misconceptions you may have heard about chiropractic care:

Misconception 1: Chiropractic Care is Agonizing

Chiropractic care is by and large pain-free. Many patients instantly feel relieved and also relaxed following treatment procedures. Others even describe the procedure and experience as being much like a good therapeutic massage. Individuals who have always been affected by neck pain and back pain can experience a bit of discomfort, however their sessions end up being much more relaxing and comfortable with time.

Nearly all adult people will enjoy chiropractic therapies. Chiropractic therapy for youngsters as well as babies is likewise usually pain-free, despite the fact that kids may feel trepidation and fright in the beginning.

A session might range from thirty to sixty minutes, dependent upon the disorder being dealt with and also the affected regions. Patients can experience discomfort or perhaps slight pain dependent upon the seriousness of the problem, in addition to their own personal threshold regarding pain.

Misconception 2: Chiropractic Care Can Be Dangerous

Chiropractic care is extremely safe. Chiropractic corrections are believed to be amongst the safest treatments regarding neck and back pain. The danger regarding having serious complications as a result of spinal manipulation is in fact unheard of. Spinal adjustment is actually recommended by nearly all physicians, before people are generally advised to have surgical procedures. The alternative treatment is likewise viewed as a preliminary choice before you take powerful prescription drugs such as steroids or antidepressants.

Misconception 3: Chiropractic Doctors Are Less Competent In comparison to Medical Doctors

Chiropractic doctors actually undergo extremely stringent and demanding training and education. These kinds of courses are much like those undertaken by medical doctors, apart from subject matter such as surgical procedures and pharmacology. Chiropractic doctors have to study for two to four years initially as an undergraduate, prior to completing four to five years of academic studies in a chiropractic college.

The certified professionals are therefore well-equipped in things like pathology, radiology, bio-mechanics, differential diagnosis, physiology, chiropractic correction techniques, along with other health issues. Additionally, there are State and also National Board Examinations to guarantee certification. Ongoing training is necessary for all chiropractors as well.

Misconception 4: Chiropractic Care is Expensive

Chiropractic care is actually deemed to be both efficient and also cost-effective. Chiropractic care is usually significantly less expensive in comparison to having major medical treatments such as surgery and going on long-term prescription drug plans. Chiropractic care patients found that they may have substantially reduced costs regarding inpatient appointments, healthcare programs and medicines.

Evaluation consultations are usually quick and inexpensive. Individuals might only have to see their chiropractors a couple of times each year, dependent upon the progress regarding the problem. When patients have successfully completed a therapy program, they are given a choice to carry on receiving treatment or to opt for occasional sessions.

Preventive plans are also offered in order to help individuals eliminate back, spine and throat troubles before significant interventions are needed.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Concussion and Treating Lingering Effects

Dr. Pazdel talks about concussion, what it is, many of the symptoms that may point toward it and how the lingering effects can often affect the neck causing pain, stiffness, and more. This is where chiropractic treatment may be of great benefit to return to full health.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Why More People Are Choosing Chiropractic Over Drugs and Surgery for Back Pain?

Conventional medicine is built on treating illnesses with two tools and only two tools: drugs and surgery. You can visualize a conventional doctor as a workman who carries only a hammer and a screw driver. To be fair, they're the absolute best hammer and screw driver that science can build, and the workman is very, very good with those particular tools; if you need a nail or screw driven, this is the guy you want to hire.

But back pain isn't all just nails to be hammered and screws to be driven. Back pain can be caused by multiple factors, and each cause can require a different kind of treatment.Would it make sense to fix everything with only two tools even though that the problem may require other tools? Would it be better to patch the road or fix it at its root?

For example, if drugs are used to treat a spinal misalignment, will that correct that misalignment that is causing the pain? Or will that just temporary inhibit the pain without treating the cause? Ultimately, medications are there to just block the pain, and although this eases the anguish associated with back pain, it does not restore the functional biomechanics. Even worse, while prescription drugs can be effective at treating pain, in most cases they can't do anything to fix the underlying problem causing that pain. This means that if you want that pain to stay away, you have to keep taking those drugs until the cause of the pain somehow fixes itself. That's a life sentence of sky-high medical bills and side effects!

Pain is a sign that something is seriously wrong with the body, and blocking that mechanism will only cause more damage in the long run. Wouldn't it be better to treat the underlying problem and restore its proper function?

And surgery, while generally more effective at treating the root cause of a problem, can be even more dangerous. Iatrogenic disease-that is, illnesses caused by doctors-is currently the number three cause of death for Americans, behind only cancer and heart disease. Every time a patient goes under the knife, no matter how necessary, they are taking their life in their hands. Again, there are certainly conditions where surgery is the best option, but why put up with the risks of surgery when there are alternative treatments that can deal with a problem before it gets bad enough for surgery to be the only option?

In short, when it comes to back pain, conventional medicine comes at the problem with nothing but that hammer and screw driver, and whatever the cause of the pain may be, those are the tools you get. Given the alternative, wouldn't you rather be treated by someone with a complete toolbox, a medical practitioner who approaches each problem by its own standards instead of using the same approach to every malady?

Considering how inadequate the drugs-and-surgery method is at effectively treating back pain, is it any surprise that millions of Americans are seeing Doctors of Chiropractic? Chiropractic medicine, unlike conventional medicine, isn't about treating symptoms, but about treating people. Doctors of Chiropractic make use of a wide range of methods and equipment to treat a variety of problems. After all, chronic disorders such as back pain result in almost 80% of health care expenditures in the United States, and chronic disease can't generally be fixed with drugs or surgery. Chiropractor helps patients look at their lifestyle and medical history as a whole so they can treat the root cause of chronic pain-and "treat" doesn't mean "make it go away by taking a pill."

Let's examine why more and more people are looking to chiropractor to treat their back pain:

Chiropractic is Safe and All Natural

Compared to the dangers of surgery as described above, chiropractic is incredibly safe, with injury to patients during spinal manipulation reported in fewer than one in three million adjustments. Doctors of chiropractic make use of all natural remedies instead of relying on prescription drugs, which lead to millions of hospitalizations annually. The safety of chiropractic explains why malpractice insurance is one of the lowest of any medical practitioner.

Chiropractic is Effective for Back Pain

The effectiveness of chiropractic in treating back pain has been proven countless times. In fact, chiropractic is so effective that the Ontario Ministry of Health recommended that chiropractic should be the preferred treatment for lower back pain, with traditional medicine not even in the running. Chiropractic patients have reported being happier with chiropractic treatment than traditional medicine in startling numbers, citing the communicativeness of chiropractor, the low cost of treatment compared to traditional medicine, and most importantly, the effectiveness at reducing pain compared to drugs and surgery.

Chiropractic Has Shown to Reduce Hospital Admissions and Healthcare Costs

Doctors of Chiropractic don't just keep their patients safe when treating back pain; they actually reduce hospital admissions as a result of their treatment. According to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, patients who saw chiropractor as their primary care physician experienced 43% fewer hospitalizations and had more than 50% reduction of their pharmaceutical costs. Considering how many hospital visits result in iatrogenic disease, it's not only better financially to avoid hospitalization, it's a lot safer, too!

Chiropractic is the not answer to every health ailment. However, for musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain, headaches, and other related disorders, it is a safer and more effective treatment than drugs and surgery.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Benefits of Chiropractic for Life

Most people go to a chiropractor initially to address pain they are experiencing in their back or neck.

While chiropractic has proven time and time again to be a highly effective means for reducing back and neck pain, what about after the pain subsides?

What are the benefits of chiropractic in asymptomatic people that no longer have, or even that have never experienced, spine related pain?

If you have been to a chiropractor in the past or even if you have a family member that has used chiropractic services, you have likely heard that the doctor recommended services even once the pain is gone.

This post-pain service is commonly referred to as preventative or maintenance care and is a little controversial in some circles as to if it is truly beneficial for people without pain.

Ask any chiropractor that not only practices in the profession for a living but also no doubt receives the very same type of treatment they provide on a 'preventative' or 'maintenance' level and they will of course tell you that chiropractic is much more than a way to get out of pain - It's a way to maintain optimal health for life.

But what does research show?

According to a 2004 review of literature by Sean M. Hannon, BA, DC, focused on the benefit of chiropractic adjustments in people with no significant pain, it was found that there is strong evidence to support that adjustments "confer health benefits to people regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms."

The review showed significant improvements in respiration, range of motion, cardiovascular function, immune function, muscle strength, healing time and reduced labor times in pregnant women under chiropractic care just to name a few benefits.

During my 18 years of chiropractic, I have seen firsthand the impact that adjustments can have on patients that have 'no pain.' The goal for these people, myself included, is to maintain optimal nerve flow from their spine to their muscles and organ systems to ensure they are functioning at their maximum level and to prevent problems from sneaking up on them.

Whether it's improved flexibility, more energy, getting sick less often or adding 10 yards onto their drive during the weekly golf game, every day I have the privilege of getting to hear about the impact a spinal adjustment is having on peoples' lives.

Combined with a healthy diet, exercise and management of stress, I have made sure that regular chiropractic adjustments have remained a consistent part of my family's wellness plan. And while I respect anyone's decision to utilize the incredible power of chiropractic in whatever way makes sense to them, I equally believe that people should be aware of the impact a lifetime of chiropractic care can have on overall prevention of future problems and optimizing wellness right now.

Many more people in our society are addicted to pain pills - that over time prove to have harsh side effects - than are addicted to natural alternatives such as chiropractic and massage. For some the medication is essential for pain control but for so many others, taking a vested interest in truly optimizing their health would enable them to utilize drugs as they were originally intended... bridging the gap between injury and healing.

* Source: Objective Physiologic Changes and Associated Health Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments in Asymptomatic Subjects: A Review of the Literature. Sean M. Hannon, BA, DC, J. Vertebral Subluxation Res. -, April 26, 2004.

Dr. Daron Stegall is one of the most sought after licensed and board certified Chiropractors in Keller Texas at Express Chiropractic & Wellness.
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Taking the Pain Out of Your Step: Orthotics

Dr. Pazdel explains and demonstrates the need for and fitting for orthotics to allow those with foot issues such as plantar fasciitis to be able to walk without pain. At Pazdel Chiropractic each client is custom fitted with exactly what is needed to help them best and then shoe inserts are custom made for that patient and for different types of shoes, such as tennis shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, and even sandals.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Chiropractic Began - And How It Can Help You Today

In 1895, when D.D. Palmer first performed a vertebral adjustment to Harvey Lillard's neck in order to restore the deafness he had encountered from an injury, chiropractic was born! Intrigued by this effective "adjustment" to the spine of Mr. Lillard, D.D. Palmer began sharing his new-found technique with patients suffering from numerous other diseases. It became quickly apparent that chiropractic was able to create health benefits for patients because of the amazing effect it had on the joints and the nervous system. In fact, chiropractors - and chiropractors alone - are the only professionals in the healthcare industry capable of restoring nervous system functionality.

The brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots comprise the nervous system in the body. The nervous system is the "communications center" for the body, sending signals that affect each aspect of our bodily functions - the heartbeat, blood flow, lung capacity, muscle strength, hearing, digestion, and countless other functions of life that we take for granted each day are all affected by the nervous system. In fact, without the proper functioning of the nervous system, the miracle of producing a baby would not be possible. That is why our nervous systems are the most protected component of the body. The skull and the spinal column act as "boney armor" and cover the entire nervous system, shielding it as best as possible.

As the body takes on its day-to-day stresses and begins to break down, damages can occur to the nervous system. These damages can be dangerous for the parts of the body that depend on signals from the nervous system to operate. If not maintained properly, spinal decay can take its toll on the spine (similar to what can happen with tooth decay) and degeneration of the vertebrae may also occur. This "misalignment" of the spine interferes with the nervous system and affects the overall body - causing many of the problems millions of people deal with every day. The nerve root damage caused by spinal decay can suppress the nerve roots, and in turn, impair the messages from the brain to particular organs. While the damage may not be noticeable at first, over an extended period of time, countless health problems can occur: headaches, back pain, numbness, fatigue, etc., are just some of the conditions that may occur if the spine is left untreated.

A specifically designed program of chiropractic and wellness can help eliminate these health concerns and assist you in overcoming any injuries you may have encountered in your lifetime. Doctors of Chiropractic, otherwise known as "chiropractors," are highly trained professionals that apply a drug-free strategy to treating patients. While there are varying chiropractic techniques taught and used in the field, Doctors of Chiropractic have mastered the art of spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustments, in order to address issues the body may be experiencing. Chiropractors will also advocate a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, a positive state-of-mind, and many other critical initiatives when treating a patient. All of these components are crucial for the body to have optimal conditions in which to heal, and can affect the outcome of treatments, as well as reduce the risk of future ailments.

Most patients view their chiropractic adjustment as something that "feels good!" Obviously, this is a positive reaction that the body can react warmly to. As the regular schedule of adjustments continue, the body becomes more and more accustomed to this non-restricted flow of information to the organs, and longstanding conditions can be treated. On occasion, a chiropractic adjustment can cause pain or discomfort. While not ideal, this type of pain usually subsides within a day or two. If the problem persists, of course the doctor of chiropractic should be notified. In addition, if the chiropractor believes your ailment is not within the scope of efficiency for chiropractic treatment, he or she will refer you to another healthcare provider or alternate source of medical care.

Chiropractic professionals view things from a "big picture" perspective. The body is a self-healing organism that has the power to treat itself, if given the right pathways in which to do so. Regular visits to the chiropractor can keep the body healthy by allowing the nervous system to perform its duties without restriction. Coupled with proper nutrition, exercise, and a healthy well-being, many of the body's obstacles can be removed. To see how chiropractic can work for you, contact your local chiropractor and schedule an appointment today. Chiropractic can have an immediate impact on your life - coupled with a long-term dedication to chiropractic adjustments, amazing things are possible!

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Importance of Chiropractic Treatment In Preventing Back Surgeries

We are all suffering from different kinds of body pains and back pain is probably one of the most popular types of pain experienced by any person whether they are working or just staying at home.

If you want to know some of the important facts about the benefits of chiropractic treatment to back pains and how this condition affects the greater population, here are some of the things that you need to know.

Surgeries and No Surgeries

This is a very important fact that you need to know because based on a recent statistics, 42.7 percent of the people who consulted a surgeon first had surgeries while only 1.5 percent of people had surgeries when they consulted a chiropractor first. With this statistic, we can already find out how chiropractors really work.

Just like the aim of this medical procedure, they are aiming for zero surgeries and they only allow the body to heal itself by improving this capability. This is the main reason why a lot of people are consulting chiropractors first before they go to a surgeon. Besides, if your condition really needs surgery, they will recommend you to go to a doctor right away for immediate treatment.

Surgeries Depend on The Professional that you Consult

When it comes to popularity, back injuries are probably on the top of the list when it comes to body pains. It is also said that the surgeries of people for different back injuries will depend on the professional that you will consider first. This is directly linked on the first fact. It means that if you consulted a chiropractor first, there is a chance that you do not have to consider a surgery.

You have to remember that surgeons are supposed to conduct surgeries so when they see a problem on your back, this is the only solution that they have. On the other hand, chiropractors are professionals and experts when it comes to these kinds of problems so they have several treatments that they can use to prevent any surgeries.

Back Surgery is Not Always Needed

It is said that back surgery is not always a solution since this is probably your last resort when it comes to treatments. It means that if you visit a chiropractor right away, the chances of needing a back surgery will be lessened. You have to remember that most of the back injuries can be taken care off even without any kind of surgery.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Relieve More Than Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

It was once thought that chiropractic treatment was just for back and neck pain. Thanks to technology and the ever changing world of medicine, this is no longer the case. Doctors are now seeing that chiropractic treatment is a valid method of healthcare. It benefits the whole body and mind either as a preventive measure to avoid health issues or for rehabilitative measures and acute or chronic pain management.

By aligning the spine and joints, the body is able to begin the natural healing process and build a defense against further injuries or worsening any current condition(s). There are numerous conditions/injuries that can be treated via chiropractic care such as (but not limited to): back issues (herniated or bulging disc and sprains/strains), degenerative disc disease, Fibromyalgia, neurological disorders, Scoliosis, and certain types of headaches.

Chiropractors are generally split up into two groups: the traditional chiropractors and the symptom relief chiropractors. The traditional chiropractors' main focus is "removing nerve interference and restructuring the spine to its most stable biomechanical position" (Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness Center). In other words, they treat the root cause of the patient's pain instead of just the individual symptoms. The other group, symptom relief chiropractor, concentrates on relieving the individual symptoms. While the patient may get immediate pain relief with this method, not investigating the root cause of each symptom will only lead to the symptoms returning at a later date or bring about new health issues.

These two groups can be broken down even further. There are three subcategories: relief, corrective, and maintenance chiropractic treatment. Remember, as with any medical treatment plan, you will need a thorough evaluation to determine the proper course of action that will be most beneficial to you.

Relief chiropractic treatment helps patients who have suffered any level and intensity of pain, where the root cause is generally unknown. This provides immediate symptom relief in most cases. The goal is to decrease or eliminate pain and stiffness which will allow the patient more range of motion and increases their ability to function in day to day operations. The length of treatment depends on the extent of the damage and how long they have been experiencing the pain/stiffness. Good communication between the patient, the patient's primary physician, and the chiropractor is paramount for this method of treatment to work.

Corrective chiropractic treatment is an advanced method of care for patients who have had spinal problems for an extended period of time. These types of problems usually develop new symptoms or result in a more complex condition due to lack of proper care. The length of treatment no only depends on how severe the condition is but the patient's physical response to the rehabilitation process.

Maintenance chiropractic care works in conjunction with any treatment(s) the patient is currently undergoing, and the continuation of rehabilitative chiropractic care after the current treatment plan made by the primary physician and/or specialist has expired. The main goal is to prevent further agitation to any current condition/injury. There are a lot of conditions that are irreversible, but with proper chiropractic care the symptoms can decrease and/or stop from progressing any further.

Discuss with your primary physician about the benefits of chiropractic care for your injury or condition. He/she should be able to refer you to the right chiropractor. If not, he/she can point you in the right direction to find one that will be the most beneficial. No matter how long you have been suffering, seeing a chiropractor now will help give you some immediate relief while preventing further damage to your body's systems.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Your First Chiropractic Adjustment: What Exactly To Expect

Men and women who are going to have their chiropractic treatment for the very first time might have a lot of inquiries about the treatment methods. Some might be worried, while others are anxious due to lack of appropriate education about what to count on. Read on to understand more about what generally goes on during your first visit to a chiropractic specialist to make you better prepared for it.

Patient Health Background

Any consultation with a Doctor of Chiropractic or other medical professional will start with a consultation. You will be provided a form that must be completed as a means for your doctor to collect background data necessary on any signs and symptoms or problems currently being experienced. That way, they are able to find if you have any history of other illnesses and far better able to figure out the origin of your existing problems.

Amongst the issues you are expected to answer on the form include the following:

• When did you very first start suffering with the soreness?

• How did the discomfort begin?

• Where might you have perhaps gotten it?

• Does any specific element trigger it to ease or become more intense?

Simply, the concept behind these inquiries is to supply the data your chiropractor must have to determine the extent of your condition. These findings are also compared to to any medical information that the individual previously has.

Physical Examination

Patients go through a comprehensive physical exam before a chiropractic procedure is performed. The checks are pretty basic such as reflexes, pulse, respiration, or other required orthopedic & neurological tests. All of these are carried out to accumulate important data required for proper diagnosis of the individual's situation.

Amongst the elements of a individual's well being that are established through this period include strength and tone of muscle, range of motion in the particular region of the body that is impacted, and neurological imbalances. In addition, a individual could be needed to execute a few physical motions to see just how well the entire body completes the assigned movements.

Diagnostic Studies and Diagnosis

Once the collecting of medical background details and physical assessment is complete, diagnostic analyses are now executed. In this phase, this is where evaluation of those previously obtained data are done in the hopes of helping to make an precise diagnosis. Some equipments used for diagnostic review might include x-rays, MRI scan, and a variety of other procedures.

When your chiropractic doctor has all these components put together, they now have all the resources needed to make an appropriate evaluation. The next step would then be to decide whether a patient will move forward with chiropractic care or if there are other proposed therapy techniques for their affliction.

How Long Might It Take?

Your first visit to a chiropractor would usually lasts for not over an hour. This should be sufficient time to carry out all of the above actions needed to gather medical info and assess them for appropriate diagnosis. Since it is your problem that is on the line, it is crucial for chiropractors not to continue in haste since some vital information could be left out, thus jeopardizing the health of the individual.

Choosing a Course of Action

Depending on the seriousness of the person's condition, some doctors of chiropractic can already begin the course of action upon the 1st visit. Nevertheless, some others would need to schedule another appointment to begin the treatment session.

Using the information accessible to him or her, your chiropractic specialist will suggest a set of objectives for your therapy. Once again, the level of the damage and the procedure determined for you will effect the duration of your treatment time period. Short-term treatments are generally suitable for people who merely suffer from discomfort caused by malfunction in the bones or muscle tissue.

Meanwhile, those that require full restoration of their health system to preserve function and improve daily life might call for a long-term course of action.

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