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Learn How To Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability. It is also one of the most common reasons for missed work. It is the seconding leading cause for a visit to the doctor. It is outnumbered only to upper respiratory tract infections. To avoid it, prevention is the key. It is easier to prevent back problems than waiting until after the problem is already there.

There are numerous ways that people describe back pain. Some of these descriptions include dull, ache, tightness, sharp pain and stabbing. It is constant for some and comes and goes for others. Back conditions are either acute or chronic. Acute back pain is a term for a problem that has occurred recently. This is often caused from a specific injury such as a fall or lifting injury. Chronic back pain is a term used for a long term problem. This type often comes on slowly.

Chronic problems often develop from poor lifestyle habits such as bad posture. Slouching at the computer or while watching TV are the most common. Living a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are also common. Smoking also leads to chronic back pain because it reduces blood supply to the tissues. Most people will have back pain at some point in their lifetime. It is especially common for the elderly. Preventing it early on can help prevent problems later in life.

When back problems begin, they often go unnoticed. Pain is not a good indicator of how healthy your back is. Back problems are like having a cavity in your mouth. Having a cavity does not necessarily mean you have a tooth ache. When a toothache comes on, it is often after a cavity has been there for a while. This is the same for back problems. They often go unnoticed for a long period of time before pain comes on.

Just like taking care of your teeth is important and should be done even without a tooth ache, taking care of your spine before pain starts is crucial.
Preventing back problems before they advance will prevent back pain. Preventing back problems is much easier than waiting to treat the problem after it is already there. Strengthening your back muscles will help your back become strong to help resist injury and support the spine.

Doing back strengthening exercises three times a week will help to strengthen the core and help stabilize the spine. Being active such as walking or jogging helps to keep movement in the joints of the back. This movement helps to pump needed nutrients to the spine and toxins away from the spine. Chiropractic treatments are also an excellent way to ensure proper alignment and movement of the joints of the back to avoid back pain.

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