Friday, March 27, 2015

Low Back Pain, Consumer Reports Finds Chiropractic Number One Among the Top Five Treatments

CONSUMER REPORTS Rates Chiropractic Number One in the Treatment for Back Pain as does the JMPT.

In the May 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, a survey was conducted on 14,000 subscribers that suffered from low back pain. This survey compared the top five forms of health care treatment sought by these lower back pain sufferers. Most of these 14,000 subscribers indicated they tried an average of 5 different non-surgical treatments and 88% indicated their back pain was recurrent. In addition, they indicated the low back pain severely affected their activities of daily living most notably with sleep (46%), sex (24%), and maintaining a healthy weight (31%) for at least a week or more. Then Consumer Report compared the patients' satisfaction for pain relief with each of the different types of health care treatments along with their satisfaction of the health care provider.
The results of the survey are as follows:

Profession / Patient Satisfaction

Chiropractic / Manipulation --- 59%
Physical Therapy ------------ 55%
Acupuncture ---------------- 53%
Physician, Specialist --------- 44%
Physician, Primary Care ------ 34%

As you can see, the low back pain sufferers rated the chiropractor and his or her treatment for their care at the top of the list, with a 59% satisfaction over the others. In addition, chiropractics superior health care over other approaches is seen with Consumer Reports patient satisfaction survey, as it's also seen with highly revered journals. For example the JMPT in 2000, studied 137 chronic lower back patients with moderate to severe pain and disability. The study compared the rate of patient satisfaction for those treated with chiropractic adjustment, compared with treatment based on anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). The study revealed patients who received chiropractic adjustments experienced a significant 31% reduction in pain as compared to only 6% reduction for patients treated primarily with NSAIDs. For patient disability the results were similar, chiropractic adjustments improving disability by 29% compared to medical patients who experienced only a 1% improvement.

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