Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Answering Eight Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Adjustment

[Q] What is chiropractic adjustment?
[A] The focus of chiropractic care is chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation. It is a practice chiropractors use to correct vertebral misalignments, also called subluxations, in the spine. If left unattended, these subluxations can cause disruption with the neurological transmission between the tissues, organs, and brain.

[Q] What is the goal of the adjustment?
[A] Repairing the function and stability of the spine is the primary goal of the adjustment. Muscles can be relaxed if the tensions in the spine are removed. As a result, pain related with the condition is relieved. Spinal misalignments detected during an examination will be corrected by your chiropractor.

[Q] What happens when you have a chiropractic adjustment?
[A] Chiropractors will study your general health condition and disorders through examination and testing. They will determine whether spinal adjustment is appropriate for you. If yes, then your DC will position you in a way that only the concerned site is isolated. Next, the DC will manually manipulate the joint and free it from a "jammed" condition. When the joint's natural movement is restored, the pain and inflammation is naturally diminished and the tissues start to regenerate. Some people are hesitant with chiropractic because they think that chiropractors force a vertebra back to its original position. That is a common misconception. DC only releases tension from the vertebrae. If this is successful, your body does its regulating functions and places them back in their proper position.

[Q] What are the adjustment techniques of a chiropractor?
[A] There are numerous adjustment techniques that DCs use. Some patients are treated sitting down while others are lying down. Some are placed in complex and movable tables while others are simply positioned in a normal one. Each patient has their own unique condition. Chiropractors select core techniques which they deem helpful for you while only using a gentle force. After all, chiropractic utilize skills and training and not merely on brute strength.

[Q] Does the procedure hurt?
[A] Several patients are cautious to undergo spinal manipulation. This usually happens to those who aren't familiar with the method. Hardly any discomfort it felt since the manual adjustments only require minimum strength and gentle pressure. When conducted by a Board Certified chiropractor, such as DCs from Chiropractic Colorado Springs, chiropractic is efficient in reducing joint and muscle pains.

[Q] Is it true that there's a popping sound during an adjustment?
[A] True, there is a harmless popping sound which happens when gas bubbles in the fluid surrounding the joint are released during the therapy session. It's the same sound you hear when you 'crack' your knuckles. Your adjustment should be totally free from pain, with or without these noises. There are nervous patients who stiffen involuntarily during a therapy. When this happens, they may feel a little discomfort until they learn to relax. Imagine that these noises are good adjustments made to correct the subluxations. Do not be alarmed if there are no more popping sounds during or after several sessions. These might signify that the normal flexibility of the vertebrae is returning to its original state.

[Q] In what conditions should you not have chiropractic adjustment?
[A] Do not go for chiropractic adjustments if you have cancer of the bone or bone marrow, severe spinal osteoporosis, tuberculosis of the spine, fractures, a spinal cord disease, severe arthritis, acute gout, compression, and infection in your bone or joint.

[Q] Now that you know more information about chiropractic adjustments, what will you do next?
[A] Think and inspect your health condition. Do you have a disorder which hasn't completely healed with initial medical treatment, medications or physical therapy? Then chiropractic therapy might provide resolution to your disorders.

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