Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chiropractic For Spinal Whiplash Injury

Spinal whiplash injuries are neck injuries caused due to vehicle accidents, accidental falls and sports activities. The sudden head movement due to car accidents may damage the muscles and ligaments of the neck or badly affect the spinal tissues or create spinal joint problems. Chiropractic treatment methods can effectively reduce the pain and dysfunctions due to spinal whiplash injury.

Effective Chiropractic Care to Reduce Pain

A wide array of advanced chiropractic techniques are offered to reduce spinal whiplash injury issues such as neck pain/stiffness, shoulder pain, headaches, blurred vision, arm and leg pain, numbness and tingling, irritability and more. Using various methods, chiropractic specialists try to restore the proper motion and position of spinal bones. Well-designed course of treatments will help to regain the normal spinal function and ensure natural healing for patients.

Spinal manipulation is the chiropractic technique most used to treat common spinal whiplash injury issues. It will help to realign the spinal joints and allow them to achieve natural range of movement.

A variety of muscle stimulation or relaxation techniques are also implemented to treat the muscle dysfunctions associated with whiplash. Your chiropractor will also suggest specific exercises to reduce the chance of future spinal misalignment problems. These exercise programs will help the patient to enhance the balance, coordination and movement patterns and achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Well-designed Treatment Approach

As each individual spinal whiplash case is different, chiropractors provide a custom treatment solution for each patient. Through a detailed evaluation of patient history, analyzing specific performance tests, chiropractors will find out the primary dysfunction. X-rays are also taken if there is any severe soft tissue damage or fracture. The chiropractor will decide which procedures are to be applied based on the findings during your initial examination.

A wide array of healthcare specialty clinics offers quality chiropractic care for spinal whiplash injury problems.

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