Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Can Babies Benefit? | Chiropractic Care

Labor and delivery is a marathon for the mother and the baby as well. There's an enormous amount of stress put on the baby's musculoskeletal system during even a normal birth process. But very often there are interventions done in the birth process, like vacuum extraction or induction or, of course, C-section. As chiropractors we understand that they put extra stress on the baby's gentle musculoskeletal system. We very gently examine babies for restrictions of range of motion and imbalances in the musculoskeletal system. And with just a very gentle touch, we're able to adjust the baby and restore the normal function of the joints and the surrounding muscles.

Babies are young, and they don't have very longstanding patterns in their body. So checking a baby soon after it's born could go a long way to just eliminating these patterns in their body forever. The work we do on babies is gentle. We usually keep babies dressed. Often they're lying on the chiropractic table on their back, sometimes on their tummy. Sometimes we'll even have them lie on their mom or have their mother hold the baby, or we'll hold the baby while we gently examine or adjust the spine. The work we do on babies is gentle, and babies usually like it. It's not painful to them at all, and they get very relaxed. Some babies even fall asleep.

Parents report that their babies sleep much more deeply. They'll sleep for longer periods of time. It's very helpful with nursing problems, either babies that are having trouble latching on or babies that have a very weak latch or babies having trouble nursing on one side or the other. That's why so many lactation consultants refer their new babies to me when they're having difficulties nursing.

Mothers also report that after chiropractic care, their digestive systems become more normal. We see less reflux, less constipation. And many mothers report that when their children are under regular chiropractic care, they have less colds and ear infections as well.

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