Sunday, September 20, 2020

Chiropractic Spinal Evaluation and Adjustments Explained and Demonstrated

Are you contemplating seeing a chiropractor, but want to know what chiropractors do, and what a chiropractic treatment is like?

In this video, I explain and show you what you can expect from a typical chiropractic visit, and the logic behind what a chiropractor does.

In the simplest terms, chiropractors evaluate the spine for areas of abnormal spinal joint alignment and/or movement. They do this by static and motion palpation of spinal segments (tactile approach) and assessing and comparing range of motion on both sides (like neck rotation, or sidebending of your spine). Some go further by taking skeletal X-rays and observing the relative position and alignment of vertebral segments (and patterns of degeneration) or measuring muscle activity along the spine using instrumentation. When one or several areas are determined to be out of alignment, then a chiropractic adjustment is performed to correct the deficiency.

The goal is to keep the spinal column flexible and aligned in a way that minimizes irritation to nerve tissues within. This can also make the spine more durable and resistant to degeneration, which is typically accelerated in areas of the spine that are out of alignment and are being forced to bear extra weight.

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