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How Chiropractic Began - And How It Can Help You Today

In 1895, when D.D. Palmer first performed a vertebral adjustment to Harvey Lillard's neck in order to restore the deafness he had encountered from an injury, chiropractic was born! Intrigued by this effective "adjustment" to the spine of Mr. Lillard, D.D. Palmer began sharing his new-found technique with patients suffering from numerous other diseases. It became quickly apparent that chiropractic was able to create health benefits for patients because of the amazing effect it had on the joints and the nervous system. In fact, chiropractors - and chiropractors alone - are the only professionals in the healthcare industry capable of restoring nervous system functionality.

The brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots comprise the nervous system in the body. The nervous system is the "communications center" for the body, sending signals that affect each aspect of our bodily functions - the heartbeat, blood flow, lung capacity, muscle strength, hearing, digestion, and countless other functions of life that we take for granted each day are all affected by the nervous system. In fact, without the proper functioning of the nervous system, the miracle of producing a baby would not be possible. That is why our nervous systems are the most protected component of the body. The skull and the spinal column act as "boney armor" and cover the entire nervous system, shielding it as best as possible.

As the body takes on its day-to-day stresses and begins to break down, damages can occur to the nervous system. These damages can be dangerous for the parts of the body that depend on signals from the nervous system to operate. If not maintained properly, spinal decay can take its toll on the spine (similar to what can happen with tooth decay) and degeneration of the vertebrae may also occur. This "misalignment" of the spine interferes with the nervous system and affects the overall body - causing many of the problems millions of people deal with every day. The nerve root damage caused by spinal decay can suppress the nerve roots, and in turn, impair the messages from the brain to particular organs. While the damage may not be noticeable at first, over an extended period of time, countless health problems can occur: headaches, back pain, numbness, fatigue, etc., are just some of the conditions that may occur if the spine is left untreated.

A specifically designed program of chiropractic and wellness can help eliminate these health concerns and assist you in overcoming any injuries you may have encountered in your lifetime. Doctors of Chiropractic, otherwise known as "chiropractors," are highly trained professionals that apply a drug-free strategy to treating patients. While there are varying chiropractic techniques taught and used in the field, Doctors of Chiropractic have mastered the art of spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustments, in order to address issues the body may be experiencing. Chiropractors will also advocate a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, a positive state-of-mind, and many other critical initiatives when treating a patient. All of these components are crucial for the body to have optimal conditions in which to heal, and can affect the outcome of treatments, as well as reduce the risk of future ailments.

Most patients view their chiropractic adjustment as something that "feels good!" Obviously, this is a positive reaction that the body can react warmly to. As the regular schedule of adjustments continue, the body becomes more and more accustomed to this non-restricted flow of information to the organs, and longstanding conditions can be treated. On occasion, a chiropractic adjustment can cause pain or discomfort. While not ideal, this type of pain usually subsides within a day or two. If the problem persists, of course the doctor of chiropractic should be notified. In addition, if the chiropractor believes your ailment is not within the scope of efficiency for chiropractic treatment, he or she will refer you to another healthcare provider or alternate source of medical care.

Chiropractic professionals view things from a "big picture" perspective. The body is a self-healing organism that has the power to treat itself, if given the right pathways in which to do so. Regular visits to the chiropractor can keep the body healthy by allowing the nervous system to perform its duties without restriction. Coupled with proper nutrition, exercise, and a healthy well-being, many of the body's obstacles can be removed. To see how chiropractic can work for you, contact your local chiropractor and schedule an appointment today. Chiropractic can have an immediate impact on your life - coupled with a long-term dedication to chiropractic adjustments, amazing things are possible!

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